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Sinusitis Treatment in Hyderabad

Sinusitis cause discomfort and annoying symptoms. For many people, the first-line treatment begins at home. They resort to home remedies as a first-line defence against sinusitis. They use nasal congestion spray or nasal saline or any other best nasal spray for sinusitis to get relief from nagging symptoms. Some people use medicated steam as well. If they use nasal sprays for temporary relief, then it is OK, but doctors don’t advise prolong use of decongestants or nasal sprays. Sinusitis treatment depends on the type of sinusitis a person has and the symptoms associated with the condition.

Which treatment is best for sinusitis?

Acute sinusitis treatment: This type of sinusitis begins with cold, runny & stuffy nose and the symptoms -such as facial pain, pressure and a stuffy nose may continue for up to 15 days or more. The treatment involves sinus medication – antibiotics therapy.

Chronic sinusitis treatment: An acute sinusitis may become chronic sinusitis if the condition persists and cause symptoms for longer than two to three months. ENT specialist recommends intensive antibiotic therapy to treat bacterial or chronic sinusitis.

Best doctor for sinusitis may advise saline nasal irrigation. This helps in reducing nasal drainage and washing away allergens and irritants. Your ENT doctor may also prescribe oral corticosteroids and anti-inflammatory medicines if you have severe symptoms and when you have nasal polyps as well. These medications are prescribed only when a person has severe symptoms.  Surgery may sometimes become necessary to remove physical obstructions – such as nasal polyps – which may contribute to sinusitis.

When does acute sinusitis become chronic?

Acute sinusitis can persist with symptoms – which may or may not be severe, but the condition is associated with bouts of intermittent infections that are associated with severe symptoms. If acute sinusitis persists in this way for up to three to four months or more, then it may turn into chronic sinusitis. Though the symptoms associated with chronic sinusitis are less severe, the damage induced could be more than acute sinusitis. Therefore, surgery becomes necessary to repair the damage.

Antibiotics – Are they necessary?

Expert ENT Specialists don’t prescribe antibiotics in the beginning itself unless they cannot rule out an underlying infection – which could be due to allergic reaction or viral infection. Therefore, the best doctor for sinus treatment always instructs their patients to wait at least for 4 to 5 days or a week to monitor their symptoms and to see whether the symptoms are getting better on its own. Our body has the natural ability to fight off infections – especially viral and mild bacterial infections. Some doctors diligently prescribe antibiotics if they deem them to be necessary and advise their patients to take them as per the recommended dose and regimen. People who are seeking sinusitis treatment in Hyderabad should follow a due diligent approach before zero in on the best doctor for sinus treatment in Hyderabad.

Is surgery required for sinusitis?

Sinus surgery remains the best treatment option if the nasal obstruction is due to nasal polyps, deviated septum or any other structural problems. Antibiotic therapy may not be useful as the obstruction can only be removed by sinus surgery. ENT doctors consider the best surgical procedure according to the unique requirement of the patient and their condition.

The purpose of surgery is to relieve symptoms and to reduce the recurrent episodes of sinus infections. Sinus surgery will also help in improving the sense of smell or taste and also makes breathing better.

Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS)

ENT specialists perform this procedure by inserting a thin and flexible instrument called an endoscope into the nose. A small camera with a lens mounted at its tip sends images to the screen – where doctor clearly sees blocked sinuses and other structural obstructions. In this surgical technique, the doctor uses other instruments to remove, diseased tissues, nasal polyps, scar tissue and any other obstructions to clean nasal channels. The surgeon may use local or general anaesthetic depending on the condition of the patient and their individual preferences.

If you are planning to have sinus surgery get done by an ENT surgeon who specializes in functional endoscopic sinus surgery, then discuss with him or her about the treatment outcomes and your expectations. To get better results, you should follow all the pre-and post-operative instructions of your doctor.

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