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Home Remedies for common cold

The common cold is very common – and therefore – getting relief from it is also practiced very commonly. Owing to this many people resort to home remedies in general, but particularly in India. Many people believe that home remedies do not carry any sort of side effects, besides making an individual healthy. Some of the common home remedies for managing cough and cold are as follows:

Drink Water

Drink plenty of water as it helps in preventing dehydration by replenishing the lost water due to severe cold. Adequate water intake helps in breaking congestion and keeping your throat moist. It is better if you use water at room temperature or Luke-warm water

Gargle with saltwater

It is quite beneficial especially when you have a sore throat, throat irritation, cough, and cold. It effectively helps in managing throat issues.

Drink hot and spicy tea

Consuming a tea prepared by mixing spices such as cloves, ginger, and black pepper help in easing the symptoms of a cold. A warm tea soothes the irritated and inflamed throat and eases nasal congestion. The aromatic vapors and steam help in relieving nasal congestion.

Take steam in

Hold your head over a trough of hot water and try to breathe in the steam. If possible add a few drops of liquid vaporizers to it. Close your eyes and ensure to protect your face from the heat. Or else use a humidifier in your room. Similarly, you can also take a warm water shower in a closed bathroom.

Blow Your Nose

Blow your nose to remove stuffy mucus. But do it in the right way. Many people blow very hard. This will force the germs into ear passages, which may cause ear infections and earache. Therefore, blow one nostril at a time by pressing the other and vice versa.

Take Rest

Take enough rest and stay warm: Allow your body to relax and get ready to fight off the infection. Proper rest, fluids, and staying warm allow your body to direct its energy for fighting cold or flu.

Use Warm Compresses

Use warm compresses if you feel pressure and fullness in the sinuses. You can buy one or make your own.

Use Honey

Honey has a variety of antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Drinking honey in tea with lemon can ease sore throat pain. Research suggests that honey is an effective cough suppressant, too. In one study, researchers found that giving children 10 grams of honey at bedtime reduced the severity of their cough symptoms. The children reportedly slept more soundly, which also helps reduce cold symptoms.

Use honey as it has antimicrobial properties. To relieve and ease sore throat use honey tea with lemon. Honey affective controls cough as well. Giving honey to children at bedtime reduces cough, eases pain, and thus helps in sound sleep – which is quite essential in reducing cold and cough symptoms. However, children younger than 1 year should not be given honey.

Use Vapo rub

It is a commonly available over-the-counter topical balm. Though children might not like it, use it. A few applications over the chest, back, temples and nose are enough to reduce symptoms by combating congestion, opening air passages, reducing cough, and improving sleep.

If the above home remedies for common cold don’t work, see your ENT doctor.




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