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What is Microlaryngeal surgery?

Microscopic laryngeal surgery (Microlaryngoscopy) | microscopic voice surgery | Microlaryngeal Surgery

It is a minimally invasive procedure to remove or biopsy abnormal growths or benign cysts (granulomas) from the larynx. It is also useful for the diagnosis and treatment of laryngeal cancer or to correct voice disorders. Though the surgery is usually a day-care procedure (out-patient care), it is done under general anaesthesia. This is to minimize breathing issues and gagging. The procedure is also useful for the removal of polyps, papilloma, vocal folds and Reinke’s oedema.

The advantage of this type of procedure is that the recovery is faster than the traditional procedures. And, in terms of voice quality and outcomes, this is by far the best procedure.

The most essential tools used in the procedure include:

  • The operative microscope
  • Microlaryngeal dissection instruments

This entire surgery is done through a laryngoscope inserted via the mouth without the need to make skin incisions.

The Procedure of Microlaryngeal Surgery

Microlaryngeal surgery is commonly performed under general anaesthesia, under close monitoring by eminent anaesthesiologists working together with the ENT surgeon. A laryngoscope with a tiny camera allows the doctor to visualize the affected area of the larynx with great precision. The laryngoscope is inserted into the throat through the nose, and the lesion is located. The ENT surgeons use tiny surgical tools to remove abnormal lesions or growths. With this microscopic technique, the surgeon operates the area with great accuracy – removing only the diseased tissue and leaving the remaining area unharmed.

 What can you expect after Microlaryngeal surgery?

It remains an ambulatory procedure, despite the use of general anaesthesia. This allows the patient to go back home on the same day as the surgery, after being monitored for several hours.

Micro laryngeal surgery typically takes one hour to complete. After surgery, there will be some discomfort and pain; pain is not severe and rarely requires pain medications.

The doctor typically prescribes postoperative voice therapy to assist in improving and maintaining voice quality.


This type of surgery is extremely safe but has some risk factors, like any other surgery, including allergy to the anaesthetic, numbness of the tongue due to pressure of the laryngoscope and breathing difficulties in individuals with pre-existing lung and heart issues. During the initial weeks following the surgery, complete voice rest is required.

Dr Neetu Modgil, with more than 15 years of experience in ENT surgeries, is here to provide you with the most advanced care for all your ENT needs. She possesses hands-on experience and expertise in all types of microscopic ENT surgeries.

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