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What is Tympanoplasty?

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Eardrum repair, also known as Tympanoplasty, is referred to as surgery performed to reconstruct the small bones of the middle ear. It is also used to reconstruct a perforated tympanic membrane(eardrum).

What are the Indications for surgery to restore hearing in Hyderabad (Tympanoplasty)?

A perforation in the eardrum may result from the following:

  • Infections that cause the eardrum to burst
  • Ventilation tubes(ear tubes) that fall out or are removed.
  • Trauma or injury, such as puncturing the eardrum with a cotton swab
  • Cholesteatoma, a growth within or behind the eardrum

Types of Tympanoplasty

There are five common types of tympanoplasty procedures:
Type I– Type I tympanoplasty is also known as a myringoplasty. The procedure involves the restoration of the perforated eardrum by grafting.

Type II– Type II Tympanoplasty is used for tympanic membrane perforations with the erosion of the malleus(middle ear bone), which involves grafting onto the remaining malleus.

Type III– Type III tympanoplasty is indicated to destroy two ossicles with the stapes still intact and mobile.

Type IV– Type IV tympanoplasty is used for ossicular destruction, which involves all or part of the stapes arch.

Type V– Type V Tympanoplasty is used when the footplate of the stapes is fixed.

What is the Procedure for Tympanoplasty?

Tympanoplasty can be performed either under local or general anesthesia, depending on its type. During a tympanoplasty, the hole in the eardrum is patched. The patch, also called a graft, can be made of:

  • Tissue is taken from around your child’s ear (cartilage or fascia)
  • Manmade material

The surgeon will put packing material behind and on top of the eardrum to keep the graft in place. This material dissolves over several weeks.

What can you Expect after Tympanoplasty?

In most cases, the patient can return home within two or three hours. Our doctor will prescribe pain relievers and antibiotics. Most of the patients can return to their daily activities after five or six days following the surgery. The packing will be removed after ten days, and the ear is evaluated for the success of grafting. A hearing test is performed four to six weeks after the operation.

Care at Home

By soaking the ear canal with antibiotics, re-infection is generally prevented. The graft must be kept free from any infection to aid in faster healing.

Post-operative care at Dr. Neetu Modgil is designed to keep the patient comfortable. Please book an appointment now to consult Dr. Neetu Modgil if you are planning surgery to restore hearing in Hyderabad.

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