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Voice Disorder

If you have problem with your volume, pitch, tone and quality of your voice, you may have a voice disorder. When your vocal cords don’t vibrate normally this problem occurs.

For many reasons people develop voice problems. On the cause of the disorder your treatment depends on, but might involve voice therapy, injections, medication or surgery.

Cause for Voice Disorder:

Your larynx (voice box) is made of muscle, cartilage and mucous membranes located at the top of your trachea (windpipe) and the base of your tongue. When your vocal cord vibrate sound is created.

This vibration arises from air moving through the voice box, bringing your vocal cords closer together. When you swallow, your vocal cords also help to close the voice box, preventing you from inhaling liquid or food.

If your vocal cords develop growths or become paralyzed, inflamed, they stop
working properly and you might develop voice disorder.

Common voice disorders include:

  • Laryngitis
  • Neurological voice disorders
  • Nodules, polyps or cysts on the vocal cords
  • Cancerous and precancerous lesions
  • Vocal cord weakness or paralysis
  • White patched

Diagnosis for Voice Disorders:

Our doctor will examine you thoroughly and ask you detailed questions about your voice problems. To number your tissues a tropical anesthetic may be applied before our doctor use one of the follows to examine your vocal cords:

  • Mirror: Like a dental mirror, rigid, long with an angled mirror is inserted into your mouth.
  • Flexible laryngoscope: A tube which contain a camera and a light is inserted through your nose
  • Rigid laryngoscope: Inserted through your mouth a rigid viewing tube
  • Video stroboscope: Provide a slow-motion view of your vocal cords, a camera with a flashing light.

Treatment for Voice Disorder:

Our doctor will recommend one or more treatments, depending on your diagnosis:

  • Voice therapy, rest and liquids: The vocal cords need regular rest and fluids, like any other part of the body. Our specialist doctor can teach you how you use your voice more efficiently with the help of voice therapy, how much liquid to drink and how to properly clear your throat.
  • Allergy treatments: If too much mucus is being formed in your throat by an allergy, our doctor can find the cause of the allergy and provide treatment.
  • Smoking cessation: The result of smoking can be the voice problem that you are facing, by quitting smoking you can help improve your voice with other areas of your health.
  • Medications: For treating voice disorders, several medications are available. Depending on the cause of your voice disorder, our doctor will prescribe you with the best suitable medication.

Sometimes one of your vocal cord may become paralyzed or stop moving and you might be complaining of hoarseness.

In order to push the paralyzed vocal cord closer to the middle of the windpipe so that two vocal cords can meet and vibrate closer, one of these two procedure can be used:

  • Removal of lesion
  • Botox injction

This allows the larynx and improves the voice to close when you swallow. At Dr Neetu Modgil, with 15+ years of experience, are here to provide you with the most suitable treatment for voice disorder that will crafted for you.

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