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Foreign Body in Nose

A foreign body in the nose is referred to an object which is present in the nose when it’s not naturally supposed to be there. Children often have this issue under the age of five, but it is not common for older children to have foreign objects in their nostrils.

Children putting foreign object in their nose might often be harmless, but this can create a choking hazard and may put your child in danger of infection or serious injuries.

Common objects your child might end up putting inside nostrils includes:

  • Small toys
  • Pieces of eraser
  • Tissue
  • Clay
  • Food
  • Pebbles
  • Dirt

Button batteries is one of the things which are of particular concern, as they can cause serious injury to the nasal passage.

Signs and Symptoms of a Foreign body in the nose:

You might have suspected that your child has put something inside of their nose, but you are unable to see it when you look up their nose. Signs and symptoms a foreign object might cause includes,

  • Nasal drainage: Nasal drainage will be caused if a foreign objects enter into the nose. It may appear gray, clear or bloody, if it is coming out with a bad odor it might be a sign of an infection.
  • Breathing difficulty: Your child may experience breathing difficulty through the affected nostril.

Process/method to treat the foreign object in nose:

If you suspect that your child has put something in their nose make an appointment with us immediately, our doctor will ask your child to lay back while taking a look into your child’s nose with a hand-held lighted instrument. The only treatment for this condition is by removing the foreign object from the nostril. In some of the cases blowing of the nose gently might be all that which is necessary to treat this condition.

Here are some of the methods for removing the object:

  • Remove the object with the help of a tweezer, but only use this method on larger object as it might push smaller objects farther up the nose
  • Sticking cotton swabs or your figure into your child’s nose is strictly not advisable as this can push the object.
  • Encourage your child to breathe through the mouth until the object is being removed from the nostrils.

Visit us immediately if you are unable to remove or see the object. Our doctor with the help of other instrument can remove the object.

In the process to make your child more comfortable, the doctor might give a topical anesthetic inside the nose to numb the area.

Our doctor might prescribe antibiotics or nasal drop to prevent or treat an infection.

Prevent your child from putting any objects in their nose. Explain your child why it is a bad idea to put anything inside the nose and how nose functions.

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