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Ear Drum Rupture:

Ear drum is three layered thin membrane separating your external ear from middle ear also called tympanic membrane. It plays vital role in hearing.

Causes of Ear Drum Rupture:

Pressure Injury

  • Water diving
  • Aeroplane travel ( Aero otitis media )
  • Driving at high altitudes ( Mountains )
  • Shock waves
  • Direct, forceful impact to the ear

Acoustic Trauma ( Excessive loud sound exposure)
Direct trauma with any object to clean the ear
Impact trauma over pinna ( Slap , road traffic accident , any object hitting the ear)

Infection usually starts behind the ear drum , due to excessive fluid the pressure behind the ear drum lead to rupture of ear drum, it is usually more common in children.

Symptoms of Ear Drum Rupture

Pain is the main symptom of eardrum rupture. For some, the pain may be severe. It can remain steady throughout the day, or it can increase or decrease in intensity. Usually the ear begins to drain once pain goes away. At this point, the eardrum is ruptured. Watery, bloody, or pus-filled fluids may drain from the affected ear. A rupture that results
from a middle ear infection usually causes bleeding. These ear infections are more likely to happen in young children, people with colds or the flu, or in areas with poor air quality. You may have some temporary hearing loss or a reduction in hearing in the affected ear. You can also experience tinnitus, a constant ringing or buzzing in the ears, or dizziness.


Conservative Management
Usually fresh ear drum rupture heals spontaneously in few weeks ( Mostly 4 weeks ) Patient may need antibiotics , decongestants, pain killers or ear drops in various combinations that ENT doctor will prescribe after examination.

Surgical Management:
But if the hole doesn’t heal spontaneously in the given time then it has to b treated by
surgery called tympanoplasty.

How Can a Ruptured Ear Drum Be Prevented

Three most important steps you can take to prevent a ruptured eardrum are to

  • Avoid putting any object into your ear — even to clean it
  • To treat ear infections promptly.
  • It’s also important to see a doctor to remove a foreign object in your ear rather than try to remove it yourself.

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