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ENT Specialist Doctor in Hyderabad Dr. Neetu Modgil.

It is possible to know that Spot the Early Warning Signs of Cancer something is not going well in your body by paying close attention to the signs and symptoms – but can it be possible to detect some subtle changes silently progressing in your body due to life-threatening conditions like cancers. Yes, it is literally possible to feel, experience and notice some inapparent changes happening inside the body due to cancer.

The following information will help you in understanding the early warning signs of cancer.

Swollen lymph nodes 

Early Warning Signs of Cancer You might have noticed swollen lymph nodes in the neck when you have had tooth infection or strep throat or due to any other type of mouth infection. However, swollen lymph nodes may be associated with certain types of cancers, such as leukemia or lymphoma. Metastatic breast cancer can also cause swelling in the lymph nodes under the arms. Irrespective of whether the swelling in the lymph nodes is due to an infection or any other cause, it is better to get it checked by a head and neck surgeon – particularly when the swelling does not go away after a week or so.

Lump in the neck

A lump in the neck is an indication or an early warning sign of cancer especially in people who consume tobacco and tobacco-based products. A lump in the neck could also be due to an infection, but it may be an early warning sign of thyroid, throat, mouth and larynx cancers especially in individual who are at increased risk owing to their lifestyle.

Trouble swallowing

One of the common signs of throat cancer is swallowing difficulty and finding it hard to swallow food even if the food is soft. Even cancer of the esophagus can cause swallowing difficulty, but it is less often. A feeling of uneasiness in the throat can also be due to heartburn. Whatever may be the case, if you notice something unusual in your throat and it is getting worst day by day, then it is the high time for you to consult a head and neck surgeon.

A sore or an ulcer that doesn’t heal

If a sore or ulcer that develops in the mouth and doesn’t heal for two to three weeks with pain, swelling difficulty in chewing, swallowing or pain on movement of tongue, loosening of teeth, inability to open the mouth wide enough and an unusual persistent lump in the neck or along the jaw – then, it could be a sign of oral cancer. Remember, oral cancer is extremely malignant and even slightest delay can lead to the cancer spreading to lymph nodes (becomes metastatic) making the prognosis difficult.

Unexplained weight loss

This is one of the common signs of cancer of any type. It has been found that as many as six out of 10 individuals who are diagnosed with cancer have lost weight without any apparent cause. Therefore, if you have three to four of the above signs and symptoms along with any other obvious symptom, then get checked at the earliest.

Blood in the urine

When you see blood in your urine don’t panic because it could be a warning sign of some sort of problem with your urinary tract – which could be bladder infection, kidney stone, prostate issue or due to urinary tract infection. However, on rare occasions, bladder cancer or kidney cancer can also cause this symptom.

Bottom Line

Majority of the cancer cases can be detected, diagnosed and treated in the first go itself provided they are approached in time for seeking medical help. Therefore, if you suspect anything serious, don’t delay in approaching your doctor and get it checked as soon as possible to prevent future complications. Remember one thing, if cancer is detected early, it can be treated promptly don’t take easy any symptoms.

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